Rules & Regulations

1.  I shall bring the original mark sheets at the time of the interview (if called for). If there is any lapse on my part, I shall be personally responsible for the rejection of the application form.
2.  I hereby declare that neither any criminal case is pending against me in any court of law nor I am convicted by a court of law for any offence.
3. I hereby declare that I have gone through the 144,145 and 145A for compulsory attendance, given in the prospectus. I hereby declare that I shall be personally responsible for maintaining requisite attendance to enable myself to appear in the University examination.
4. I promise not to take part in political activity of any kind or in agitation whatsoever directly or indirectly and undertake to abide by the rules, framed by the Principal from time to time and I also hold myself responsible for prompt payment of college dues.
5.  I Hereby declare that I will submit my migration as well as my original documents till 30th Dec.2021
6. I have completed my Three year Bachelor Degree from a UGC recognized University. If in any case my degree is not recognized I shall be fully responsible for the same.
7. I will abide by the rights of the principal of detaining me in any class in case of negligence of studies or expulsion for gross misconduct.
8. All disputes regarding admission, examination and other academic matters shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Sri Ganganagar court/District forum.
9. Admission is given subject to the approval of Dr B.R. Ambedkar Law University, Jaipur(Rajasthan).